Alberta New Home Warranty Inspection

You’ve enjoyed living in your newly built home.  Now is the time to book a professional home inspection with TruScope Home Inspections!  A complete inspection from top to bottom will ensure you get the most out of your New Home Warranty.

Did you know that as of 2014 New Home Warranties in Alberta have Changed?

Alberta New Home Warranty

New homes now have more warranty coverage, for longer periods of time.  Be sure to have TruScope Home Inspections check for defects before time is up!

  • 1 Year

    This takes care of finishes throughout the home, including any defects in flooring, paint or trim.

  • 2 Year

    This primarily covers defects in labour and materials related to heating, plumbing and electrical systems.

  • 5 Year

    This covers the building envelope.  Building envelope means the exterior shell of the home, including the roof and walls.

  • 10 Year

    This covers the key structural components of your home, including its frame and foundation.

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